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Post-Fundraiser Party Update!

Thanks to everyone’s support to the Gift From Within Fundraiser Event, we were able to raise $2540 for this one event! This helped us reach $7000. I am extremely grateful that family, relatives, friends, friends of friends and complete strangers have come together to support the cause.
The ride begins in 8 days. I am honored to be doing this for all those in need of a transplant. I hope to everyone that’s considering to become an organ donor will sign up as soon as they can. We still need everyone’s support! Don’t forget to continue spreading the word! Thanks again to our wonderful supporters Arc’teryx, Bikram Yoga Commercial Drive, Axiom, The Pint, Tao Day Spa and EA Games!

Pint Fundraiser Night


Fundraiser Night at The Pint!

The Pint Photo

Come on down for Burger, Fries, and Beverage in support of the Gift From Within Tour!

There will be prizes drawn all night including swag from Arc’teryx, Knog, Vancouver Whitecaps and many more worth hundreds of dollars.
There will be raffle tickets for sale and a silent auction for our larger prizes from Arc’teryx, Bikram Yoga Commercial Drive, Axiom, The Pint, Tao Day Spa and EA Games worth over $2000!

Everyone is welcome!  Tickets are limited, so sign up fast!

Thursday, 5 May 2016 from 6:00 PM to 10:30 PM (PDT)


The Pint Public House

455 Abbott Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 1S4, Canada


$20 tickets – Email Eileen at

Eventbrite – Gift from Within Fundraiser


Vancouver Transplant Trot

Amazing turnout for the Vancouver Transplant Trot this morning, over 840 people. Had an opportunity to do an interview on Global TV to raise awareness for organ donation.


Met and saw hundreds of recipients and donor families.  I can see how important this gift of life is.  Everyone is extremely appreciative and supportive.  Please consider being an organ donor today. You may save as many as 8 lives.  IMG_20160410_100836891

There was a boy there today that is in desperate need of a heart transplant and waiting patiently.



Meeting With Jenny Kwan MP Vancouver East

I had the opportunity to have coffee with Jenny Kwan and talk about organ donation and the concerns.  We went through the goals of the ride and spreading awareness in the this riding and the Chinese community.  My hope is to have her support in reaching out to Asian communities since kidney disease affects Asians more than others, and it is also important for them to know that there are other wonderful options besides waiting.



Gift From Within Article – Living Proof Magazine

Gift From Within Tour – a journey to save lives article made it in The Living Proof Magazine for this year. Because of the kidney and blood donation, my mother is able to live the life she thought she lost about a decade ago when she became weak and ill due to PKD.  Consider becoming an organ donor today.  There are babies, children, youth, adults all waiting for a lifesaving transplant. You may be that hero that changes their lives forever to give them a second time to breath, to see, to live life.

Gfw Article - Living Proof Magazine


Rob the Wing-man

My amazing bike mechanic friend, Robert Sam is leaving his job for 3+ months to be my fundraiser wing-man!!! Together we will be biking from Victoria B.C to St. John’s Newfoundland to encourage new organ donors and raise funds for CTA!

Please support by sharing and donating on his gofundme page! Extra proceeds go straight to the Canadian Transplant Association.

Rob doing free bike tune-ups by Sunset Beach to raise awareness

Rob doing free bike tune-ups by Sunset Beach to raise awareness