Week 12! South from St Lawrence (Aug 1-7)

Aug 1: 94km to Notre-Dame-du-Portage, QC.  I said my goodbyes to the lovely Jacques, Monique and Andre and made my way further along the St Lawrence.  I stopped for a break in a very nice cafe inside a church.  I was riding along towards the end of the day as the sun was going down and I was approached by this family going for a walk and told me to get inside!

Jacques’ parents who saw me off! Wonderful people!

Le Café du presbytère de Saint-Roch - a cafe inside a church!

Le Café du presbytère de Saint-Roch – a cafe inside a church!


sunset on the shores of the St Lawrence

Aug 2: 83 km to Cabano, QC.  Left you hanging on the last day didn’t I?  The reason the family were so happy to see me was that Helene (second from the left) is a heart transplant recipient of 5 years!  It was so nice to hear her story and see someone so personally touched by organ donation.  I continued along the Route Verte which turned into the Petit Temis trail, previously a rail line that follows the Trans Canada Highway.  It was the best route so far!  The trail passes through many small towns, is far away from traffic, has covered rest stops and camping pads every few kilometers.  I could spend days on this trail!


the wonderful Lafrance family


Awesome “highway signs” on the Route Verte!


Maia and Philippe who are doing a PEI to Montreal round trip loop




most of the towns have these helpful amenities signs

Aug 3: 99km to Saint Leonard, NB.  More progress along the Petit Temis trail today.  I made it into New Brunswick (and lost an hour due to the time change) around lunch time.  I decided to go further past the city of Edmunston as the routes were good today.


taking a dip in the lake to freshen up in the morning


entering New Brunswick just outside the Edmunston Airport. Also skipping ahead an hour!


a bike bridge going into Edmunston,NB proper


Aug 4: 83km to Clearview, NB.  Passed through Grand Falls, NB and made my way south along the St John River.  However, there was a huge thunderstorm warning all over New Brunswick this day.  I had to take shelter every time the rain came down.  As i was riding along, this couple saw me from their porch and said I was crazy to be outside that day.  Get inside!  We had a lovely time waiting out the storm and I made it to the River County Campground before the sun went down.  Ahh a nice hot shower was very welcome.

beautiful scenery along the way

beautiful scenery along the way


Grand Falls, NB


i’ve been…THUNDERSTRUCK! (just kidding)

Waiting out the storm on Becky and Doug's porch!

Waiting out the storm on Becky and Doug’s porch!

River County Campground

River County Campground


Aug 5: 84km to Meductic, NB.  Today was a day of silver linings.  I’ll get to it later!  I woke up and had a great chat with Tricia and her baby daughter Victoria.  She practically forced food into my bags and her baby was so cute!  Good to see little ones getting used to being outside!  I went all the way to Woodstock, NB and had a horrible realization.  I had left my nice sunglasses on a trail off the side of the road when I had a list pit stop…15km away!  After some deliberation, I decided to go back and retrieve them.  5km into the backtrack, i got a FLAT TIRE!  Arghh! However, while I was fixing it, I ran into Leah!  I had heard stories on the road from other cyclists talking about Leah who was cycling solo from Tofino to St John’s.  We got along great immediately and rode the rest of the day together.  if i hadn’t forgotten my glasses or gotten a flat, there’s no guarantee I would have seen her!  Things sometimes just all work out :)


Tricia at River County Campsite


Kidney Road!


Leah setting up camp next to me


Enjoying the sunset


Aug 6: 89km to Fredericton, NB.  Today felt quite long as we were not taking the most direct route to Fredericton.  We felt plenty safe though, with not a lot of traffic rushing by us.  We stopped in Nackawic, NB, home of the largest axe in the world.  It was late (after 8pm) by the time we rolled into Fredericton and Tom’s house.  We were so lucky to be connected with Tom in Fredericton.  Nick back home, went traveling with a climbing friend, Chris a few years ago.  Chris had grown up in Fredericton as a child and still knew people back in town.  Thanks so much Chris and Tom and his awesome family Sue, Jade and Jasmine!  We had an awesome dinner and I got to re-packing and storing my things for my detour tomorrow.


big ol’ axe


like on Game of Thrones!


with Leah entering Fredericton city limits!


dinner with Tom, Sue, Jade and Jasmine!

Aug 7: Slight detour to Toronto!  I am going to be in Toronto Aug 7-12th for the Canadian Transplant Games.  I’m super excited to see the Canadian Transplant Association members I’ve met along the way and to see all the inspiring people who have had their lives changed by organ donation.

After a big breakfast, I parted ways with Leah, got a ride to the airport with Tom and made my way to Toronto.  I made it to the central area in downtown Toronto where the events would be and rested a bit in my accommodations.  Luckily, Nick’s cousins Bryan and Steven are in Toronto for work for the next few days and called me up and asked me to go to dinner!  Dinner and dessert to follow!  Yessss!

Bye Tom! See you in a few days!

Bye Tom! See you in a few days!

Flying to TO via MTL

Flying to TO via MTL

downtown TO

downtown TO

my VIP badge and my view from my accomodations

my VIP badge!

Dinner with Bryan (behind me) and Steven (second from the right) and friends!

Dinner with Bryan (behind me) and Steven (second from the right) and friends!




Weekly Total: 532km

Grand Total: 6558km

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