Week 11! La belle province (July 25-July31)

July 25th: 113km to Hawkesbury, ON.  Viva la Route Verte!  Quebec has such lovely lovely bike paths (flat too!).  Spotted a beaver on the side of the road headed into Hull, QC.  I stopped into Mcdonald’s in Gatineau to get out of the rain (hard showers on and off all day!) and shared my story with Mary-Pierre, a woman I met.  She was with her 4 year old daughter and bought me lunch after hearing about my story!  :)  Overall, I made good time and will spend some time in Hawkesbury before the bustling city that is Montreal.



groundhog spotted!

groundhog spotted!

The wonderful Route Verte

The wonderful Route Verte


July 26th: 0km.  Rest and disconnect day!  Full of stretching, eating and sleeping.
July 27th: 110km to Montreal, QC.  A great day of riding on Route 138/Route Verte 1.  Met up with Justin who met up with us in Manitoba.  It was awesome to see him again, right before he starts his studies at McGill.  We also were able to make plans at the local bike co-op to get my tires sealed.  There was some wear in the rubber where debris would get in.  We’d be able to go tomorrow morning and get that filled up.  Thankfully, it’s pretty minor as far as wear on a tire goes!  Justin’s friend Issac also came over to hang out and we had some goofy times hamming it up for the camera.

dinner with Justin

dinner with Justin


goofing around with Issac and Justin

July 28th: 107km to Louiseville, QC.  It was an unexpectedly long day!  The bike routes in the city are great, but there is so much traffic and stopping in the morning.  It took me almost 3 hours to get out of the city proper!  Didn’t make it as far as I wanted to (Trois Rivieres) but the nice town of Louiseville, QC would have to do!


after 3 hours of traffic, finally crossing the Prairies River out of Montreal!


lunch at Berthierville. Can you see the tape holding my bottle cages together?

July 29th: 80km to Sainte-Anne-de-la-Perade, QC.  Woke up today to a lovely note on my tent offering me a shower and a phone number in case I needed anything.  I didn’t take them up on their offer, but it was so heartwarming the kindness of strangers :).  If you’re ever in Louiseville, QC go to Brassette L’ami for their food and drink!  I headed into Trois Rivieres to get a new bottle cage and reflector because mine fell off.  Apparently the heaviest load I have are Gatorade bottles!  It took some time to get everything installed so I took some time in town, and took my time to the next big town.




Guillaume, Felix and Jade (behind camera) with my new bottle cage and reflector


sometimes, the best way to hide is in plain sight (of the highway)

July 30th: 90km to Quebec City, QC.  Beautiful ride today.  Made good time to Quebec City and stocked up on some POUTINE!  Delicious.  I was lucky to stay with my warmshowers host Marie-Pierre.  She was so awesome!  I arrived to clean sheets in my own bed!  Sometimes, it is the little comforts in life that make all the difference.  I also learned about her tour history; she did a Victoria to Winnipeg tour a couple years ago.  Lots of shared stories that night:)


St Lawrence River


Chez Anton’s poutine!


Marie-Pierre and her roommate Justin

July 31st: 116km to St Aubert, QC.  I did a quick loop around the old city this morning on the way to the ferry to Levis, QC.  It’s a short 10min ride like the Seabus and took me to the south side of the St Lawrence River.  The riding today was quite mellow until THE VERY END.  Oh boy, it took me almost 2 hours to do the last 13km today.  They were the hardest hills since…since…I can’t remember that far back!  It was all worth it in the end, as my host Jacques and his family hosted me for the evening.  I got to ride on their boat around Lac-Trois-Saumon and walked up a observation tower where we could look at the St Lawrence River.  It was wild to catch a small glimpse of how far I had come!


old Quebec City


the view after getting off the Ferry on the Levis side


climbing a watch tower by Lac Trois Saumons


the view from up top!


riding in a boat with my host Jacques!

Week Total: 616km

Grand Total: 6026km

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