Week 7! Everyone’s An Organ Donor (June 28-July 4)

So far everyone I’ve talked to in the States are organ donors!  This is amazing!  No if, ands or buts.

  • Jun 28: 91km to Erskine, MN.  Taken in by Reverend Tim and Candy!  We even got to ride on a motorcycle to breakfast! Vroooom!
inside Rev Tim's garage!

inside Rev Tim’s garage!

Rev Tim's congregation!

Rev Tim’s congregation!

  • Jun 29: 105 km to Bemidji, MN stayed at Joseph’s with his German Shephard, Ogema.
Joseph showing Rob around his acreage

Joseph showing Rob around his acreage

  • Jun 30: 106km to Cohasset, MN where we had connections to Joseph’s nephew Quincy and his wife Hannah who last minute offered an entire rental suite for the night!
  • Quincy and Hannah!

    Quincy and Hannah in Grand Rapids!

  • Jul 1: 108km to Brookston, MN where we had a few drinks at the Country Corner Bar and met  Denise and Ben Beargrease who offered us their yard to camp in and a warm shower!
The lovely Beargrease family! :)

The lovely Beargrease family! :)

  • Jul 2: 51km to Duluth, MN where we stayed with an amazing family (Barb, Aaron, Claire and her friends).
Aaron and Barb in Duluth

Aaron and Barb in Duluth

Duluth waterfront

Duluth waterfront

  • Jul 3: 0km exploring the Lake Superior area and continuing to talk to people about the importance of being an organ donor!
  • Jul 4: 10km Superior, WI hanging around with Chris and Mary Bode, and their dog Stella and cat Sadie!
  • Chris and Mary Bode!

    Chris and Mary Bode!

  • Weekly Total: 471km
  • Grand Total: 3720.4km (so far!)

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